March 2022

Westfield Online Shopping Website

Helping Australia’s Leading Company Scentre Group (Owner of Westfield) build their online shopping webiste

Projects | Westfield Online Shopping Website

The Project

Aim to provide users with promotions to improve the purchase conversion rate of shopping on the website, including providing coupon based discount codes at checkout and automatically applying merchants' discounts on the product page (e.g. if they reach 100 get 10 dollar off).


Work in a Westfield Promotion feature squad to work on direct promotions.

Work within the squad as a full-stack developer for new WDirect promotion features to be added to the Westfield direct web.
Examples of this work were:

  • Automatically billing and invoice generation
  • Auto-applied seller-led promotions Coupon-based checkout promotions


  • develop web and backend API solutions for each objective
  • manage and set promotions rules in Talon.One for operator-led and seller-led promotions develop frontend
  • checkout flow for the coupon based or automatically-applied promotions develop auto-billing and invoice
  • documentation pipeline for promotional items

Technology Used

Recat.js (TypeScript), Next.js, GraphQL, GraphQL federation, Talon.One, Mirakl, BigCommerce and Stripe


It not only improves the purchase conversion rate of users, but also provides a preferential platform for merchants, making merchants and platforms more competitive during the discount period (e.g. Black Friday promotion). Through the data, the conversion rate increased by more than 11%

Me as a fullstack engineer, I consolidated my skills and learnt new technologies and frameworks which apply in my work. This helps me become more versatile as a full-stack engineer, and improve my ability to tackle different challenges.By working through the challenges, I improved my ability to identify and solve problems, as well as my ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.

Also I learnt, throughout the development process, it's important to continuously test and refine my code. This can help to identify and resolve bugs and improve the overall quality of the code. Moreover, In the fast-paced field of software development, it's important to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. By staying up-to-date with industry developments, I can improve my ability to deliver solutions that are aligned with the latest standards.