professional experiences

IT Consultant - Servian Sydney

2021.11 - CURRENT

Solution design, implementation and delivery on a wide range of challenging projects, by using a variety of technologies.
Embedded in the feature squad to work on the projects, manage and supervise team members of the task and scope of work.

Software | DevOps Engineer- NTT Data

2022.12 - Current

Deploy and maintain software applications to various environments such as development, staging, and production. Automate software builds, testing, and deployment processes using tools such as BuildKite, or CircleCI.
Collaborate with development teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to software deployments.Create and maintain documentation for software deployments, infrastructure, and other relevant processes. Manage and maintain cloud infrastructure using AWS S3, EC2, ECR, ECS, cloudwatch, cloudFormation.

Software Engineer | Fullstack Developer - Scentre Group

2021.12 - 2022.11

Focus on both front-end and back-end development, API, data feeding integration and cloud functions.
Build, test, deploy and support features and bug fixes end to end. Supervise production software for best user experience. Solve technical problems, support others understand dependencies, technical debt and works to improve quality.

Software Developer - UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering Falculty

2021.3 - 2021.12

Develop IOS applications that fit in with requirements and logic.
Transplant the app from Android to IOS with better functionality. Design and improve the UI and UX. Enhancing compatibility for the application and enhances human-computer interaction. Improving and maintaining the BLE device performance and adaptability with mobile applications.

Research Student - UNSW x CSIRO’s Data61 Scientiests

2020.9 - 2021.07

The UNSW and CSIRO's Data61 conjunctive thesis research, the topic is blockchain data analysis.
Integrating the tools and packages for different stages of data processing as a whole, implementing a pipeline with analysis capabilities e.g. visualisation and data processing.

Frontend Developer - Joidea Creative

2019.12 - 2021.11

Develop components and pages that fit in with requirements and business logic.
Compatibility enhancement for both IOS and Android platforms. Performing the event tracking and data analysis. Refractor and maintain the code base and optimise the performance.

other experiences

Web Developer(Causual) - Boltunion Sydgoldx Pty Ltd

2022.07 - Current

Design, refactor and develop the currency trading website

Tutor - EZ education group

2018.3 - 2020.9

Tutored HSC students in Physics and Mathematics(Extension1&2).

Marketing - LOTUS Marketing & Media

2018 - 2019

Attracted new users, retained elite users, and encouraged all users to use and enjoy using the product and application. Engaged the customers about benefits and promotions in a professional and engaging manner. Solving customer’s problem regarding products, prices and availability, implemented a relationship-building expectations.

Volunteer - Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association


Organise and maintain the order of the Festival spot, manage and prepare the necessary items for the guests in time and coordinate with the departments to complete the festival. Leadership skills improved.

Volunteer - UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Society (CSESoc)


Support and organise the Hackathon competition, leadership skills improved.